December 28,2021 11:05:AM
Real Estate Investment Trust

What is REIT Investment? How REIT Investment in India can be a smart choice?

The real estate sector is coming back on the radar of savvy investors. Residential sales in the December 2021 quarter have grown 17% on a year-on-year comparison. This is the highest quarterly sales number since FY07. This shows the growing investors’ interest in the real estate sector. Given high inflation and th

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November 21,2020 4:10:PM
Knowledge Series

Company Fixed Deposits and how to choose Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit plan refers to an insurance arrangement that banks and non-banking finance firms have. A Fixed Deposit plan can give better returns on the principal invested as compared to the returns produced by a standa

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November 14,2020 4:20:PM
Trading history

What is muhurat trading? and How muhurat trading started?

What is muhurat trading?

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November 08,2020 2:56:PM
Perpetual Bonds

Private placement of a perpetual bond by Tata Motors Finance Limited.

Tata Motors Finance Limited’s private placement of a perpetual bond is up for a deal. In types of instruments, it is a perpetual and subordinated bond. Which has a list

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November 06,2020 4:20:PM
IPO launch

Gland pharma IPO one of the healthy IPO of 2020

Gland Pharma has a holistic mission of providing health across a range of injectable drugs across different therapeutic segments and delivery systems, allowing us to grow to seven manufacturing f

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October 31,2020 5:06:PM
Knowledge Series

Growth Stocks v/s Value stocks which one is better?

Hello Readers! This is 2nd blog on our knowledge series and today we are going to learn what are g

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