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Education series

Technical Analysis: A basic guide to what is technical analysis.

There are several methods for determining whether an investment is good or bad, as well as when to purchase or sell it. When considering a new investment, whether a stock or another type of security, the overall economy, economic statistics, financial statements, and fundamentals can all be useful considerations. On

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July 08,2021 12:13:PM

Most awaited IPO of 2021 is here: IPO of Zomato opens next week.

Yes, you heard it right one of the most awaited IPOs of 2021 opens next week and Its IPO of Zomato. And, today we are going to discuss How big this zomato IPO is going to be. From July 14th, 2021 IPO will be live for subscription and this issue will co

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April 27,2021 10:04:AM
NCD of India Grid trust

Invest in NCD of India grid and earn up to 8.2% ROI.

Want to earn 8.20% interest in your investment? So, you should not miss this opportunity of investing in secured NCD of India grid trust limited. The issue will be live for subscription on 28th April 2021 and will continue till 5th May 2021. The issue sie of

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April 22,2021 10:42:PM
Types of margin in stock market

A basic guide on types of margin in stock market india.

Hello readers, I hope you have read our last blog on margin trading facilities. But, today we are going to talk about various types of margin in the stock market. The customer must deposit a certain amount of money with the broker in order to buy or sell stocks on the exchange. T

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April 19,2021 4:41:PM
Margin Trading Facility

What is Margin Trading Facility:- A Basic guide to MTF

MTF (Margin Trading Facility) is a service that allows an investor to purchase shares and securities from available capital by paying a fraction of the overall transaction value (margin). Depending on the investor's availability, the margin may be offered in the form of cash or shares as collate

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April 15,2021 10:42:PM
Wealth Management Services

What is wealth management? How it can ease your pain?

Hello readers, In today's blog we are going to discuss What is wealth management and how with the best wealth management strategy you can achieve your financial goal? There are several parallels between financial and physical health. Both are ongoing journeys, not one-time events. For example, it is not sufficie

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