Invest in NCD of India grid and earn up to 8.2% ROI.

15 May 2021 1:40:PM

India-grid-ncd India-grid-ncd

Want to earn 8.20% interest in your investment? So, you should not miss this opportunity of investing in secured NCD of India grid trust limited. The issue will be live for subscription on 28th April 2021 and will continue till 5th May 2021. The issue sie of India grid NCD investment will be 1000 cr. with AAA ratings by CRISIL. The face value for this issue is Rs.1000/-.  The Minimum 10,000 (10 NCDs) and in multiples of 1000(1 NCD) thereafter. Tenure for India grid NCD will be 3, 5, 7, 10 years. And, the frequencies of interest payments will be quarterly and annual. This issue of India grid NCD will be listed on BSE/NSE. The issuance and trading mode will be in dematerialized form. 

How to invest in NCD of India grid:- 

We value your time so just click here fill in your details and our representative will contact you. or else contact us at  022- 48934000

Company profile on India Grid:-

India Grid Trust is a power sector infrastructure investment trust in India that was established in 2016. IndiGrid has been registered with SEBI as an InvIT (Infrastructure Investment Trust). By the end of December 2020, IndiGrid InvIT will have Rs 142,000 million in assets under administration. It has a total of 13 operational projects with 38 EHV overhead power transmission lines.

Reasons to invest in India grid NCD:-

  • Stable cash flows from assets with minimal counterparty risks.
  • Strong financial position.
  • Ownership and location of assets.
  • Strong lineage and support from the Sponsors.
  • It is a stable NCD issuer. Regd secured NCDs have priority in recovery of capital and interest over those backed up by the company's assets in the event of non-performance or the company's closure for any reason. As a result, investing in such healthy NCD options is risk-free.
  • Rights to the Sterlite Sponsor’s pipeline of power transmission projects.
  • Strong corporate governance and skilled and experienced Investment Manager.
  • In recent years, the organization has maintained consistent profit margins. This demonstrates the company's ability to pay interest to its creditors or NCD holders on a regular basis.
  • These NCDs have competitive interest rates, with up to 8.2 percent available to retail investors.

Key Risk factors in India grid NCD Investment:-

  • The company may lose tariff revenues or fail to receive payments and incur significant repair and replacement costs in the event their power transmission projects or Proposed Solar Projects are rendered inoperable due to force majeure events.
  • If our power transmission projects or planned solar projects are made inoperable due to force majeure incidents, the company will lose tariff revenues, fail to collect payments, and incur substantial repair and replacement costs.
  • Any downgrade in the company’s credit rating may increase their financing costs and subject them to more onerous covenants, which may adversely affect their future issuances of debt and their ability to borrow on a competitive basis.
  • The businesses could be adversely affected if they are unable to maintain or renew existing regulatory approvals due to changes to the regulatory environment and the laws, rules, and directives of the GoI.
  • Some of their business is dependent on the regulatory and policy environment affecting the renewable energy sector in India.
  • IndiaGrid has a limited operating history, which will make it difficult for their future performance to be assessed.

Key takeaways:- 

Issue Opens on 26th April 2021
Issue Closes on 5th May 2021
Issue Size 1000 crore
Rating AAA by CRISIL, IND Ratings & ICRA
Face Value  Rs. 1000/-
Minimum Application Rs. 10,000/- &  In Multiples of Rs.1000 thereafter
Tenure 3, 5, 7 & 10 years
Interest payment Frequencies Quarterly, Annual 
Listing Proposed to be listed on BSE & NSE
issuance and trading mode Dematerialized form

If you want to invest in this NCD of India grid Click here now and earn 8.20% on your investment to explore other investment opportunities click here.

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