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Clearing Corporation under Interoperability from BSE to NSE from 30.08.2021

w.e.f. 30th August 2021.under the Interoperability scheme we have opted for NSE (NCL) as our Clearing corporation in Cash Segment

This will affect the change in the Pool account for securities Pay-in and with effect from the above date any shares shall not be accepted in any other account apart from the below DP account for Securities Pay-in arising out of obligation.

Exchange/Depository CM BP ID Nature DP Name Market Type Settlement (e.g DP Account
NSE/NSDL IN511461 GEPL Capital Pvt Ltd Normal 2021156
NSE/CDSL M51146 On-Market GEPL Capital Pvt Ltd Normal 2021156 12012600 00002421
NSE/CDSL M51146 Early-Payin GEPL Capital Pvt Ltd Normal 2021156 1100001100015139
*BOI/CDSL Client Normal 2021156 12012600 00002421


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