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What is the value of funds / securities that a trading member can retain while doing the settlement?

  1. Entire pay-in obligation of funds & securities outstanding at the end of day on date of settlement
  2. In Derivative segment apart from margin liability as on the date of settlement, additional margins (maximum up-to 125% of margin requirement on the day of settlement) . 
  3. Trading members shall not retain the value of funds & securities to the extent of the value of turnover (gross turnover) executed on date of settlement in cash market segment.
  4. An amount of up to Rs 10,000/- (net amount across segment and across stock exchanges) after taking a one-time written consent of the client and in the manner prescribed in Exchange Circular NSE/INSP/36889 dated February 02, 2018.
  5. Trading members are directed to credit the settlement amount (Monthly/Quarterly) to the client bank account directly and not run any schemes to invest the actual settlement amount (Monthly / Quarterly) with the consent/without consent of the client / through POA in any scheme or investment products.
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