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Process of Account Opening, Execution Policy, Terms and Conditions, Risk statement and disclaimer

Process of Account Opening :

Step 1 :        Opening the Trading account (New Customer) or Confirmation Letter (Existing client) along with Addendum

Step 2 :        Allotment of UCC (Unique client Code)

Step 3 :        Opportunity in Stock will be communicated or client can view it at

Step 4 :        Quote the Fees for Lending the share or call @ 022-66182362                                   

Step 5 :        DIS to be submitted for Early Payin of the Shares so Quoted or with POA the Shares payin shall happen immediately. Client having DP outside GEPL they may quote the market type as below:


Exchange/CC-ID Market Type Description


SLB Lend

Step 6 :        Contract Note shall be issued on the day of Transaction at EOD(End of Day)

Step 7 :        NO Contract note shall be issued at the time of Expiry i.e First Thursday of the Month and the shares shall be credited to the client account automatically.

 Execution Policy:

SLB orders will be placed only if the below conditions are satisfied:

The client should have given his/her physical consent to participate in the SLB segment

The client should not be deactivated/suspended on any or both the exchanges

The client should have required shares in Demat account

The stock should be part of the NSE derivatives segment

The order will be executed from the Head Office

Terms and Conditions:

This terms and conditions shall be read in conjunction with the KYC forms signed by the client during the account opening with GEPL Capital Pvt. Ltd. (herein referred to as ‘GEPL’)

This Facility shall be offered to the Clients at the sole discretion of ‘GEPL’.

Customers who wish to lend the shares should have the required number of shares in his/her Demat account before initiating the order placement; otherwise, the order will be rejected.

Customer who wishes to borrow the shares should have 100% of the lending price, Value at Risk margins, Extreme Loss Margins before placing an order.

‘GEPL’ reserves the right to refuse to offer this Facility to any Client or group of Clients and may withdraw the Facility at any time without prior notice or assigning any reason therefor.

‘GEPL’ will levy brokerage as per the market practice or as per ‘GEPL’ Management decision or as applicable in SLBM segment + GST on the lending/borrowing fee. Other statutory will be levy as per the exchange guidelines.

In case Of any discrepancy please call our customer care 022-66142701

Risk statement and disclaimer-

The Client agrees and understands that ‘GEPL Capital Pvt. Ltd.’ would not be liable in the event for reason including but not limited to volatility or system problems or slow or delayed response from system or trading halt, or any such other problem/glitch whereby not being able to establish access to the trading system/network, which may be beyond control of ‘GEPL Capital Pvt. Ltd.’

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