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How can I participate in Delisting?

1. You need to block the shares in favour of your broker as per specific settlement by calling on 022-48934000 or write to (Provided you have trading + demat with us) If demat is not with us, kindly request for details for early payin.

2. Broker offers your the price you requested for. 

3. If delisting is successful shares will be accepted by company at certain price decided by the company.

4. You get Gross amount (= Delisted price x accepted quahntity)( no TDS, no STT , no brokerage and other charges) Directly from the clearing corporation 

5. Broker will raise a contract of the sale with the debit amount of the STT, brokerage and other charges. You settle this from your existing credit , if any or remit the amount to the broker

6. You pay tax as per your holding period.

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