Requirements and Documentation (checklist) for opening an NBFC account

Economics   20 June 2020 1:29:PM


1) Loan Application Form completely signed by client.

2) POA to GEPL Finance Pvt. Ltd. for operation of DP account.

3) Account opening form for NBFC bank a/c (POA based) completely signed by the client

4) POA for operation of bank account to GEPL Finance Pvt. Ltd. from  client

5) POA for operation of NBFC  account to GEPL Finance Pvt. Ltd. from client

6) 1 revenue stamps

Bank account  opening for NBFC (Saving or Current) (Refundable)

1) Minimum Balance cheque for NBFC bank account (Individual or Saving  Bank a/c minimum amount Rs.10,000/-)

2) Minimum Balance cheque for NBFC bank account (Non-Individual or  current Bank account minimum amount Rs.15,000/-)

Documentation  (Checklist)

1) Individual accounts on Personal Name Account

A) 2 Photographs 

B) Pan Card of individual (2 copy  with original self attestation)

C) Address proof of individual ( Aadhaar card copy )(2 Copy)

D) Proof of D-mat Account.(GEPL Demat Details)

E) Proof of Bank Account

F) Copy of Last 2 year IT Return along with Computation / Audited Balance  Sheet

G) Documentation Charge Cheque of Rs. 3000/-Favoring M/s GEPL Finance  Pvt. Ltd


I) Modification to be signed for POA 

J) Full Signature is needed no Initial is accepted 


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