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  1.   What is Mobile Trading?
    The use of wireless technology in securities trading. Mobile trading allows investors to access trading platforms from their mobile.
  1.  What are the features of GEPL Mobile Trader?
    1.    Trade even when you are on the move
    2.    View live streaming quotes
    3.    Create a single watch list across multiple exchanges
    4.    Keep a constant track of your limits, holdings and positions
    5.    Modify or cancel your pending orders
    6.    Set alerts for stocks and indices of your interest and get informed on your email or SMS as required.
  1.  Which platforms is the GEPL Mobile Trader available on
    1.    Android: Google Play
    2.    iPhone:  iPhone App Store
  1.  How can I download the GEPL Mobile Apps?
    You can download the application from various app stores depending on the Operating System that your mobile phone uses.
    To download the application:
    Visit the App store on your mobile phone (Google Play Store (Android); App Store (I phone) o Type “GEPL MOBILE” in the search bar
        Click on the 'GEPL MOBILE' app and then click on 'install’
  1.  How can I login and start using my account?
    If you have a trading account with us you need to follow a few simple steps to login to your trading account:
    1.    Open the 'GEPL Capital “ application from your mobile
    2.    Enter the 'Login ID' for your GEPL trading account
    3.    Confirm the secure access image by selecting it and enter your trading account password
    4.    Enter the correct answers to the 2FA questions that are asked and click on 'Submit'
    5.    Start trading
    SEBI has mandated 2 Factor Authentication from the next financial year with reference to SEBI circular no CIR/MRD/DP/ 8/2011 dated June 30, 2011 To comply with this mandate has implemented 2 Factor Authentication in the form of image and question & answer.
  1.  I do not have my Login ID and passwords. How do I get them?
    Once your trading account is opened you will get the Login Password & Transaction password on your registered email address. Alternately you could also call Customer Service on 1800-209-4878. To request  for  the  same.
  2.  Is the Username same as my Trading code?
      Yes it is same
  3.  I have forgotten my Passwords. What do I do?

When you enter the username there is an option where you can reset the password verifying by Email address or PAN card option as a security. Your new password will come on your email id registered with us.

  1.  My trading account is locked. How do I unlock it?
    As a security measure our system locks your trading account if you enter an incorrect Login Password or Transaction password for 3 consecutive attempts. This is just to ensure that miscreants are not able to access your account you can contact Customer Service on 1800-209-4878.
  2. What documents do I need to activate the Mobile Trading?
    Your Mobile Trading form authorization is available on GEPL web site. Please send the completed form with signature  to the KYC desk in HO.
  1. How long will it take for the account to be activated?
    Once the completed form is received by KYC, the Mobile Trading will be activated in 2 business days
  1.  Can I trade from Mobile Trading? What is the security?
    Yes, Transaction password is for security reason. If your mobile is idle for 10 minutes the system automatically will logout.
  1.  How many segments are allowed in Mobile Trading?
    We have covered almost all the segment, NSE CASH, NSE FO, NSE CURRENCY, BSE CASH, MCX & NCDEX
  1.  How can I get in touch with you if incase any problem in Mobile Trading?
    Any assistance please call customer care number 66142704.
  1.  Can I have any User manual for Mobile Trading?
    Yes, Mobile Trading User manual is available on our website
  1.  Can I modify or cancel the order?
    Yes...You can modify or cancel the order
  1.  What are the charges for downloading the application?
    The GEPL Mobile Trader is available to you absolutely free of cost.
  1.  Can a Bank of India online client use mobile trading?
    Yes it is available for BOI customer 


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