September 11,2021 11:12:AM
Commodity market in india

Thats GOLD! A 101 Guide to commodity market India.

Commodities are a part of our day-to-day life. knowingly or unknowingly we are using commodities every day. Food, energy, metals, and other commodities are examples of commodities. In today's blog, we are going to discuss how the commodity market in India works.  Always keep in mind that a commodity is by def

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March 04,2021 3:31:PM
Gold v/s Bitcoin

Gold and bitcoin correlation

In this blog, we have discussed a study on the relationship between the ‘much-talked topic’ Bitcoin and Gold. In order to study the relationship, we have plotted a ratio chart i.e. Comex Gold future / CME Bitcoin future (in percentage terms). To come up with our ass

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January 24,2021 6:13:PM
Cross Currency

Important aspects of cross currency pairs in india.

What is a cross-currency pair? To understand the cross-currency pair, we must first understand the currency pair in detail.  All currency trading is done in pairs; you must buy one currency and sell another

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December 28,2020 5:07:PM
Commodity Margin

Basic guide to commodity trading and MCX margin.

What is a Commodity Market? The market involves trading in raw or primary products such as hard and soft commodities. Gold and oil that are mined or extracted are categorized as hard

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December 19,2020 1:11:PM
Commodity and Currency in your portfolio

How Currency and Commodities can Enhance your portfolio

Hello Readers, apart from equity trading we have heard of Currency and commodity trading too. But have you ever wonder how Currency and Commodity can enhance your portfolio? Commodities are often a significant way for investors like you to diversify your portfolio beyond convention

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