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Equity Trading In India

Own a piece of your favorite companies, backed by our research

GEPL Capital helps you become shareholders in companies of your choice. With our unbiased research and deep insights, we offer customized services starting from opening a Demat account to building a well-diversified portfolio.


Technology that empowers

Our multiple trading interfaces provide all information at your fingertips to buy and sell in one click.

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Become a proud and confident stock investor with GEPL Capital


Individual attention

Our dedicated advisors are trustworthy, proactive and well-experienced. We help you find stocks which fit your strategy.


Technical and Fundamental research

Our deep dive into equity markets and unbiased research helps you move beyond speculation, towards a calculated and confident approach to Equities.


Easy to use investing tools

Our trading interfaces are designed for both new and experienced investors. With real time charting and streaming data, get insights into your trades and make an informed next buy and/or sell.


Information on your fingertips

As an investor with us, you get market information in daily, weekly, monthly format along with research reports, helping you evaluate your stock choices scientifically.


Why should you invest in Equity Markets?

Possibility of returns in the value of the principal amount invested is higher. This comes in the form of capital gains and dividends.

Small amounts can be invested in many companies and investments can therefore be diversified across multiple industries and types and companies.

Stocks are traded daily, therefore equities are a liquid investment that can be sold at any time. Therefore, part of your stock holdings can be instantly converted into cash as per your requirements.

Equity securities offer potentially higher returns on investment (ROI) than debt securities, but an inherently higher risk is correlated with a potentially higher return.


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