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Open a DEMAT account online with GEPL Capital

Get your DEMAT account opened with GEPL Capital and explore Indian equity markets and various investment opportunities that comes with it. With easier online DEMAT account opening process , getting started with Indian stock market is hassle-free.  


Technology that makes things possible easily

GEPL Pro a mobile app  is the next-gen tech platform for all GEPL DEMAT account holders. It enables user to make smart trading decisions. Get real-time insights, technical indicators, charts, and timelines for close monitoring and many more features.

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Digitally secure and convenient way to Invest with GEPL capital DEMAT account


Secure storage of your stock holdings

If there is a digital locker for the equity securities, It would be a Demat account. With a GEPL Capital's DEMAT account, everything is sorted, with the very few steps you can get the chunk of your desired company.  The DEMAT account is intended to hold securities purchased through a trading account and transfers are made through the related bank account.


Seamless trading experience

We offer 3 different technology platforms that are made for GEPL DEMAT account holders to trade and feel seamless trading experience. Our platforms include GEPL PRO (Mobile APP), Desktop Client (made for desktop) and a web app that allows you to feel like a pro while making your trade. 


Convenience at your fingertips

Having a trading and Demat account with us saves you the hassle of always maintaining a cash balance in our margin account. Pledging and repledging of shares is done with a simple process and delivery slips are no longer required to be managed when buying and selling of shares. 


High quality support services

Keep all your financial assets like equity, mutual funds, insurance, debt instruments, etc in one place with us and get high quality services from us.


Why do you need a Demat Account

A demat account is required to hold financial instruments in electronic form, instead of physical paper form. These accounts are maintained by depository organisations like NSDL and CDSL in India.  

The demat account works like a custodian for the investor. All financial assets can be held here and with one click, the valuation of each of them can be seen. 

A DEMAT account is mandatory if you want to invest or trade in shares and stocks in Indian equity markets. You would not need it for mutual funds. 

It offers flexibility. You can buy, sell or simply monitor your investments from anywhere.


Joint our growing base of happy customers, and create your portfolio today!

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