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A range of Fixed Income investment options

GEPL Capital is a distributor for all Fixed Income Instruments, across maturity profiles and rate of returns. Our advisors help you pick options best suited to your needs.


Why choose Fixed Income Plan

More choices

We deal in all the Fixed Income Instruments ranging from Corporate Bonds to Government Securities; State Loans and Treasury Bills.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated advisors help you every step of the way backed by research, insights, and product knowledge to meet our clients’ (Institutions – Financial Institute, Banks, Corporate and Trust; Individuals – HNI, NRI, and Retail) investment objectives.

Access to primary and secondary markets

Whether Government bonds, corporate bonds and debentures (NCDs), Bonds (Tax-free and taxable), Interest Rate Futures, and Corporate Fixed Deposits, our investors’ can purchase and sell them through primary as well as secondary markets.

Reports and Updates

Get weekly reports on the Debt market and updates on Bonds via WhatsApp.


Why one invest in Fixed Income?

Diversify portfolio risk by investing in debt instruments that protect the capital and offer you a steady rate of return.

Generate a steady income for the time period of the investment which can be from 6 months up to 10 years. Reduce your tax expense by investing in tax free bonds.

Invest securely and keep your capital safe with fixed income instruments that are rated as per there safety level.

Save your earnings for a future goal while also having them liquid and accessible in case of an emergency.


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An investment pool of debt funds is like a mutual fund or a foreign exchan...


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