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Hedge the risk of rising interest rates

GEPL Capital trading platform enables you to trade in IRF with real time information of prices .


Technology that empowers

Get technical views on interest rates and Bloomberg chart to make informed decisions.

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Easy way to IRF trades with GEPL Capital


Dedicated helpdesk

Our experienced professionals assist you in IRF trading .



We bring vast experience in the Institutional and retail debt segment - primary as well as secondary. This is an added advantage to help you make the right decisions on the Interest rate future movements. 


Technology to make informed decisions 

We provide technical views on interest rate as well as Bloomberg chart on demand for investors to make the right trade.


Relationships matter most

A relationship with you matters most to us. 


Why should you invest in IRF? 

The product is cash settled and the contract gets Mark to Market daily at the end of the day. The prices depend only on the interest rates.  

They are cost-effective since they do not attract Securities Transaction Tax.

These are good risk management tools. As a borrower, you can protect your borrowing cost against change in interest rates.

Prices are published in real time leading to transparency in trading.


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