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How do I add funds to my trading account?

There are Four different modes to deposit funds to your Trading account as below:

Easiest method – Click on below link enter client code (Eg – 1p000) and PAN no validate through OTP from registered number select Fund transfer option – select the segment –   enter the amount and process further.

Click here

Through Payment Gateway

You can transfer the funds by login to your Trading account (GEPL Pro Platforms). 

Go to Fund Transfer ?  Add Funds ?  Select Segment, Account number, Bank and Enter Amount ? Click on ADD FUND. You will be redirected to netbanking site of your selected bank account and you can make payment using the payment gateway facility from ATOM. The transfer comes with a charge of Rs. 8 plus taxes. We have all major registered banking facility for fund transfer 

Through Fund Transfer from HDFC Bank to HDFC Bank

Transfer funds from your registered bank account using Fund Transfer. You can register the GEPL bank Detail by adding to your Beneficiary detail and can transfers funds instantly.

A transfer from HDFC Bank using net banking can be made seamlessly using the transfer within the bank option.

Transfer from HDFC Bank to HDFC


Transfer from any Bank to GEPL HDFC Bank



Please Note: 

** The above example of HDFC Bank is just a demo. You may transfer or add beneficiary in a similar manner from your registered internet banking option as per KYC.

Through Fund Transfer from other than HDFC Bank to HDFC Bank or IMPS/NEFT/RTGS

A client can use Internet Banking and can remit the funds to GEPL’s Bank account by adding ‘GEPL’ as Beneficiary in Client’s internet banking portal and transfer funds. The client needs to send the soft copy of the fund's transfer on GEPL email id

Login to your internet banking> Go to Fund Transfer> Add Beneficiary detail> [as above]

Virtual Account number: ‘GEPLPIN

[E.g. your trading account number is 1XY01, then account no. you can enter as ‘GEPLPIN1XY01]

Alternatively you can make NEFT/RTGS/IMPS payment from your registered bank account to GEPL.

The Bank details are as follows –

Log-in to your internet banking> Go to Fund Transfer> Add Beneficiary detail>

Name of Beneficiary :           GEPL Capital Pvt. Ltd.             GEPL Commodities Pvt. Ltd

Bank Name                :           HDFC Bank                              HDFC Bank

Account number        :           00600340035472                    00600340029006

Account Type             :           Current Account                     Current Account

Bank Branch               :           Fort Branch                             Fort Branch

ISFC Code                   :          HDFC0000060                         HDFC0000060

* Time to reflect funds in your trading account: NEFT/RTGS (2-10 hours), IMPS/Fund Transfer (I hour).

While making payments, you may have few questions in mind....

Q1.Can I use the same funds for trading on Equity as well as Commodity?

No, you will not be able to use the same funds for Equity and Commodity. As per SEBI regulations mandate, Broker’s need to maintain separate bank accounts for Equity and Commodity and also Client’s trading account has to be funded only by their linked & registered Bank account.

But, the client can withdraw funds from one segment and can transfer money to the other segment he wishes.

Q2.Can I add money through my debit or credit card?

No, we do not accept debit and credit card payments for funds transfer into your trading account.

Q3.Can I pay by Cash or DD (Demand Draft/ Banker Cheque)?

No, as per SEBI Mandate, we don't take fund through cash or DD (Demand Draft/Banker Cheque).

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