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Reliance Partly paid up (RELIANCEPP-E1)

Reliance Industries the announcement of the First Call Payment on Partly Paid Up Shares (RELIANCEPP-E1)

Record Date: May 12 , 2021 (Wednesday). People holding partly paid shares on May 12, 2021 will be eligible for next level of consolidated shares only if they pay the 'First Call Amount'. If the first call payment is missed, won't get the next level of consolidated shares and existing PP shares may become redundant

For more details : Click here

Payable from May 17, 2021 to May 31, 2021, both days inclusive. For payment kindly Click here

First Call Amount : INR 314.25/share.

Payment through netbanking portal is also available n the following banks:

For any assistance kindly call Support – 02248934000

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